BlackBook Didit

If you're the world's biggest douche, then you'll love this digital journal that records the details of your sexual escapades, including the name, picture, and contact info for each notch on your bedpost, because come on, you can't be expected to keep track of all that shit, bro.

You can also give each encounter a pleasure rating of up to five stars and note other relevant info, like how trashed you were during the encounter, whether you used a condom, and whether you had an orgasm.

The only data you won't need to enter is whether you're going to hell, because, obviously.

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BlackBook is an iPhone app that makes Your sex immortal

An application that helps you track and keep a record of how many times you've had sex. Use it as a nowadays black book.

Note down every relationship and any sex related information including partners, photos, phone numbers. Just fill the gaps and you are done. Have a blissful life by immortalizing your sex.

Get a life! Preferably a sex-life

We've all seen those Gigolos in Hollywood movies that have these little black books in which they keep a record of all their best ever shags. Some say that it's a myth.

It's so painstakingly real and so detailed that you will be stunned by the mere suggestions it offers. I guess sex is only dirty when you do it right.

A beautifully designed, very sexy, nice, neat and practical app that can do much more than keep track of how many times you've done it. The only thing missing, perhaps, is a bit of Barry White.