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BlackBook is an iPhone app that makes Your sex immortal.

An application that helps you track and keep a record of how many times you’ve had sex. Use it as a nowadays black bookNote down every relationship and any sex related information including partners, photos, phone numbers. Just fill the gaps and you are done. Have a blissful life by immortalizing your sex.

Overall, a beautifully designed, very sexy, nice, neat and practical app that can do much more than keep track of how many times you’ve done it. Still questions? Refer to our FAQ page >

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Add partners

Add sex partners, date and time when you had sex. Edit sex diary entries. Get detailed relationship history per week or month from your personal black book.

Orgasm or not?

Add number of orgasms during your sex. See which partner gave you everytime an orgasm or which one never reached it.

Add photos + more

Add photos that you took during your sex session (or afterwards). Comment your every sex and any sex related information including partners, poses, phone numbers.

View history

Have simple overview of your partners and knowledge - see monthly average pleasure ratings by measuring every turn (0-5 stars).